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Try Before You Buy

The main purpose for the “Try Before You Buy” LiftFoil Demo¬†is to help you determine IF you want to purchase a foil and IF so, which size you would like to purchase.

So, you can call it a demo or a training session or a lesson but the goal is to help you make your own decision on a purchase.

We typically have 3 different sized boards set up and ready to go but it’s best to make sure we discuss in advance what board would be best for you so we can make sure we’re good to go on the day of your demo.

We will spend as much time as is needed to accomplish that but its usually around 90 minutes or so. The time is spent with a quick orientation and then riding for at least an hour where we will get you to experience the fun of riding and actually foiling.

The cost of a demo is $250 and can be applied towards a purchase if you decide to buy one.

PS: Although we do have inventory right now, its best to decide fairly soon as our inventory will begin to deplete quickly as the summer closes out.

You’ll be provided a life jacket and helmet and a world class trained coach. Our instructors will have their own efoil and be there to support you on your learning journey.

Our lessons are given on Schmidt Lake in Minnesota.

You can also stop by our showroom in New Hope to check out the LiftFoils Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm ( Get directions)

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